Post-Production / Editing Department

Welcome to the Post-Production Department of Compelling Productions Studio. This department is responsible for:

  • Editing and Finalization Of:
    • Motion Pictures
    • Still Photography Images
    • Audio Projects Including:
      • Voice-Over Narrations
      • Musical Recording (In Studio)
      • Motion Picture Audio

About This Department

With the best equipment capturing audio, video, and stills, then using professional software for editing, mixing, and finalizing, media comes out looking and sounding awesome! Post-Production takes the most time and is where all of the magic happens and where everything comes together. Using the latest in software technology, your dreams are brought to reality in the final steps of post-production making the final product something special!

The Software

Media Creator 8 - This expensive software offers all the aspects of media production including; Music, Photo, Video, and data production/editing/mixing as well as preparing computer backup CDs and copying existing CDs, DVDs, and more!

Studio 11 - Just as Media Creator 8 this software too is expensive but all great programs are. This program focuses more on simply Video Editing with a combo of Still Photography editing as well. Giving the ability to add in incredible graphics, sound effects and more, this program is usually our go-to program to get things done.

Anime Studio - This software gives us the ability to create and produce cartoons and animations, a very useful tool in most video editing cases and giving more to the entertainment aspect of most videos.

We have much more software than this including software programs that are made just for audio production and editing as well as broadcasting via the web!

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