Welcome to Compelling Productions' Studio! This site has been created as an extension to the Compelling Productions Home Site for the hosting of all Studio-Related properties, features and information.

Site Main Attractions:

  • Video Department
  • Audio Department
  • Post-Production

Recent Adjustments

Purchasing new equipment comes at a cost sometimes but ultimately makes for a better Production. With the added bonus of a camera Jib/Crane and an audio mixing board with recording condensor microphone, micing up, recording, filming, mixing, editing, and post-production with new software will add something extra to each piece of work.


Compelling Productions can help you with your project. Your project can be customized and made your own - to your standards with few changes to average filming, recording and post-production practices. Everything from choosing your own camera angles (if experienced) - to adding something extra and personal or professional to your DVD menus and final copies.

Money-Making Opportunities

As usual in minor productions with our offices, cast and crew are voluntary for nonprofit but that doesn't mean YOU can't make money off of your own project we make for you. For your next production with us, don't forget to request the Royalty service and make money off of any of YOUR work that is sold on any of our online stores.

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