Crewing Department/Project Opportunites

Welcome to the Crewing Department and Project Opportunites of Compelling Productions Studio. This department is responsible for:

  • Assigning People To Equipment For Specific Projects
  • Providing Information and Sign Up For Opportunities To Be Part Of The Cast or Crew For an Upcoming Project

About This Department

Just like in casting, crew members usually consist of people who have been working with Compelling Productions for a long time. After these people, crew members usually consist of people that are recommended by the people who are already with Compelling Productions. Then when more people are needed, scouting begins.

The Processes

When scouting for crew members, unlike casting - which doesn't require previous experience; being a crew member, means you need to have previous experience and training for whatever equipment you will be operating. The equipment is very expensive and some is both expensive and delicate. Of course, the technition running that piece of equipment should also be familliar with the "ins and outs" of that piece of equipment. They should know exactly what the equipment is made to do, is capable of doing, how it should and should not be handled, under what conditions it can operate, etc.

This balance of training and experience of the running equipment will both make for a more smooth and professional-looking final product and ensure the equipment is being used correctly as well as maintaining the safety of the cast, crew, and equipment when it is being ran and used properly.


When we are searching for new talent and crew members, a form will be posted on this page that will be used as an application. If at any point you are interested in working with us on a project, fill out this form so we will be made aware that you exist and are wanting to contribute. With your application on file, you may be contacted upon the launching of that particular project. If there is no form below, keep an eye on our HOME SITE for postings of new projects that you can be a part of!

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