Casting Department

Welcome to the Casting Department of Compelling Productions Studio. This department is responsible for:

  • The Interviewing And Casting Of People To Play Characters In Scripted Motion Pictures

About This Department

As anyone should know, it takes more than one or two people to make a film - a lot more. So this is the Department that's going to head up the gaining of particular people for a particular production. This Department also teams with the Crewing Department. Searching out talented people that can plug into roles isn't always easy, but when we find the good ones, it really is an incredible feeling after seeing a completed project with these selected people knowing they are not professional actors and actresses but made the project better and worth while!

The Processes

Generally, we have people in mind to play certain parts - these are people that have been doing work with Compelling Productions for a long time. But sometimes we run into a more elaborate production than we are used to and have the need for a larger cast and crew. In this case it's time to start scouting out the local talent.

Usually the people that the current actors and actresses already on the cast have first dibs and parts if they are interested and accepted by the director. After that option has worn out, it's an open audition for anyone through advertising on the website. The main Compelling Productions Website is used to post and advertise upcoming video opportunities to the public.

We usually like to stick with people that are local here in our city and state being that it's much easier to complete a shooting project, especially if it will be a multiple day, week, or month kind of deal. Because these are free productions, the cast and crew are not being payed, so for a cast or crew member to have to drive a great distance almost every day for a length of time just to shoot would be a difficult task to ask someone you are not paying to do. Plus it affects shooting if an cast or crew member cant make it to rehearsal or shooting due to the distance and/or drive.


APPLY HERE for a chance to be cast in a Compelling Productions short motion picture video. Using our Casting Tool, you can select what screenplay you are interested in, then choose an available character from that screenplay to apply for!

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