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We have been at work coming up with new screenplays for future videos. There are a few compeleted screenplays that are now being cast! If you would like to view information about the available screenplays and apply for a character role using our new Casting Tool: CHECK IT OUT HERE!


A little background: First came Spurg Productions which was responsible for all the older videos, music projects and building the popular; KSPR Radio Network. Then came Compelling Productions. For those of you who don't know, Compelling Productions IS Spurg Productions - just a simple name change. As far as the radio station goes, they are making changes of their own including they way they are heard, where they are heard and their name. See the post below for more information.

THE VENETIA FAIR - They're Coming!

Are you ready to rock?! Headbang the night away with Compelling Productions hosting a trio of bands including headlining; The Venetia Fair! Coming to Grand Junction, Colorado Tuesday November 29, 2011 @ 8:00pm MT! The location has not been finalized at this point but keep checking back for updates! It's sure to be a great time of awesome music, so don't miss it!


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